The Donation Page can also be used to pay for your annual Subscription.  To make sure your subscription is processed correctly fill out all the information requested.  In the "Reason for Donation" box list the type of subscription and all those living in your home.  For example:  Family Membership.  John Smith, Jane Smith and John Smith Jr.  Memberships cover up to 50% of what insurance does not pay against your bill.  Membership runs from June 1 to May 31 of the following year.

Costs to Subscribe:

Individual: $50.00

Family:  $65.00

Senior Citizen:  $35.00*

Senior Household:  $40.00*

Business:  $125.00


*Senior age is 62.  As long as one member of the household is 62, a senior membership can be used.  Family members living at residence are also included in Senior Family.

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